Holy Shenanigans

Expectant Advent - Love with guest Carolyn Whitehead

December 26, 2023 Tara Lamont Eastman Episode 160
Holy Shenanigans
Expectant Advent - Love with guest Carolyn Whitehead
Show Notes

Week 4 Advent into Christmas features special guest, Carolyn Whitehead, member of First Presbyterian Church of Jamestown NY, tells why her "aim is love" - in all things

A Poem for Advent: Week Four: Love stuck

The greatest of these four weeks of waiting is: love.

With all the hope waking, peace-making and joy breaking,
I need the glue of love to make this stick.
Please stick.

I don't want these gifts to disappear like grandma's frosted sugar cookies.

But in that case, at least they would be eaten, consumed, and used to empower the making of many snow angels, building of tall Lego towers, or playing marathon sessions of scrabble while sipping tea.

Please stay love, I don't want youto melt like snow drifts above 35 degrees....
be crumpled like old gift wrapping...
or abandoned on the curb like a used Christmas tree.

One candle for hope.
Two candles for peace. (Inhale/exhale)
Three candles for joy. J-O-Y.
Four candles for love. (Please stick, love, please stick.)

This Advent, I hope for peace and joy: emboldened - empowered and eternally stuck in our hearts by the power of love.

Love - stuck!

Light has grown. Four candles are lit. Illuminating the way with hope, peace, joy and the greatest: Love.

You are the superglue we need. 
Please, stick.

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