Holy Shenanigans

Expectant Advent - Peace with guest Dr. Chris Dahlie

December 12, 2023 Tara Lamont Eastman Episode 158
Holy Shenanigans
Expectant Advent - Peace with guest Dr. Chris Dahlie
Show Notes

Welcome to Advent Week 2: Peace with special guest Dr. Chris Dahlie , of First Presbyterian Church of Jamestown, NY. Dr. Dahlie, wrestles with the call to live peacefully, advocates for better communication and recognizes the challenge this presents to humankind. How can authentic peace be pursued?

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BIO: Dr. Chris Dahlia currently is a visiting assistant professor in the Communication Department in the State University of New York at Fredonia and has been an assistant professor there for the past four years. He is a native of Chautauqua County and a scholar/practitioner in audio production. He has been Chautauqua Institution Amphitheater's Head of Audio for over twenty years, and have worked as a resident audio engineer in New York City, Los Angeles, Auckland (New Zealand) and Chapel Hill (North Carolina). His dissertation at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill was a technological and cultural history of live audio engineering from the mid-1960's to the recent past.

A Poem for Advent, Week Two: Peace call
Peace calls to...
pause, embrace, act, contemplate, and exhale.

Storms make me feel like running and hiding, when I'm frantic, can peace be present Peace.

In conflicts and hurt that push people apart, is peace working to break the ice? Peace.

When anxiety freezes me in inaction, does peace give a warm nudge to move? Peace.

When swirls of activity tempt me to do, be and see all things at once... will peace slow me down to savor
thing? Peace.

Filling of lungs can only be sweet, when exhale helps me let go of what is no longer of use. Will peace help me to release and fill my heart, mind, and lungs? Peace.

Peace calls to...pause fear.
Peace calls to...embrace a need for people.
Peace calls to... act in life-giving ways.
Peace calls to... contemplate beauty.
Peace calls to... exhale
and trust the oxygen to keep breathing is just on the cusp
of letting goooooooo...

Light one candle to inhale, light another to exhale.
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