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Expectant Advent: Hope with guest Janita Byars

December 05, 2023 Tara Lamont Eastman Episode 157
Holy Shenanigans
Expectant Advent: Hope with guest Janita Byars
Show Notes

Welcome to Advent Week 1: Hope with special guest Janita Byars, member of First Presbyterian Church of Jamestown, NY. Janita, advocate of hope, shares why this asset is essential for Advent and every season!

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A poem for Advent Week One: Hope...
Hope seems as light as a feather, 
but sparks all good, deep things that are yet to come.
Hope is a glimmer of light, in the darkest night. 
Even in the midst of chaos, hope is the new growth of a fig leaf or bud of the cactus plant; 
growing slowly to remind us that Jesus is nearby. 
As the Solstice draws near, days grow darker and colder and a single candle of hope shines. 
A single candle to wake us up to the promise given. 
A single candle to stoke the cooling embers of the heart.
A single candle to give, " confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see."
A single candle to do the heavy-lifting and give us...HOPE.


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