Holy Shenanigans

Creativity Crisis with Karen Chamis

May 16, 2023 Tara Lamont Eastman Episode 141
Holy Shenanigans
Creativity Crisis with Karen Chamis
Show Notes

In the wake of the global pandemic and long season that called the 'church" to be church in new and innovative ways - is creativity in a state of crisis or growth? Clergywoman and church consultant Rev. Dr. Karen Chamis invites churches and church leaders to move beyond dreaming - to bring dreams to fruition.

Karen believes that creativity empowered is key to helping individuals and organizations to live in alignment with their purpose . Listen to a conversation with Karen  and Tara, at the Athenaeum Hotel at Chautauqua Institution, in May of 2023 to learn more about the power of creativity in times of change. 

Karen worked in the nonprofit world for most of her life: working as a Zoo Educator, assisting with refugee and asylum seekers, and sitting on the Board of a Community Theater. She is ordained in the Presbyterian Church USA and in December 2022 stepped down from a mid-council position in order to discern where life might take her next and to tackle several writing projects.

Her passion is helping organizations to reach their goals. Her toolkit includes training in creative studies, mediation, coaching, systems theory, and grant-writing. Her PhD is in the area of Organizational Leadership, and dissertation is focused on the impact of the COVID pandemic on organizational identity and culture.

When Karen is not strategizing or writing, she's  knitting, spinning, and gardening.
Contact Rev. Dr. Karen Chamis, go to: http://www.karenchamis.com/

Tara invites you to join her online discussion group this Lent. You'll be discussing the book A Different Kind of Fast: Feeding Our True Hungers in Lent by Christine Valters Paintner.

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