Holy Shenanigans

The Power of Pockets

September 06, 2022 Tara Lamont Eastman Episode 105
Holy Shenanigans
The Power of Pockets
Show Notes

What gifts do you have to extend love into the world? You might be surprised to find, it's something you carry with you every day. There is power in YOUR pockets.

Poem: Odd Sock by: T.L. Eastman

There once was a basket of socks that had no mates anymore.  Mom had given my sister and I free reign to do what we wanted with them. “They can become, whatever you want.” We saw this basket of odd socks as treasure. We borrowed Mom’s sewing box. We added buttons, We added bows. We took humble tube socks and we made: puppets, Barbie dresses and attempted making sock monkeys.

Together we had a great time with that basket of socks. To some they might have seemed disposable. But to us, with the help of some buttons, bows and blessing from our Mom - they were a treasure to delight in.

We all have baskets of odd socks. We may not see them as anything but clutter, but what could be possible for those cast-off socks with a blessing, buttons and bows.

I like to think that G-d appreciates all the baskets of odd socks. I think God is delighted with them - especially when we look at them with curiosity and the help of the creative notions of buttons, blessings and bows. 

I think G-d loves to embellish the odd socks of life and make treasure out of them. I hear G-d's got a great craft closet, where the odd socks can become whatever they want to be. 

There is treasure in baskets of odd socks. 

Can you see it? 

Can you be it? 

By the power of blessing, buttons and bows, together we can make treasure from a basket of odd socks.

Copyright 2022 T.L. Eastman

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