Holy Shenanigans

Wild Goose Festival Pt. 4 with Frances Cutshaw

August 16, 2022 Tara Lamont Eastman Episode 102
Holy Shenanigans
Wild Goose Festival Pt. 4 with Frances Cutshaw
Show Notes

The Order of Saint Hildegard is an expansive, dispersed intentional community centered on the healthy and whole development of its members and chaplains. During the Wild Goose Festival, Tara sat down with its director and founder, Frances Cutshaw, who shares how the life of Saint Hildegard empowers her own calling and has led her to lift up others who are seeking the Sacred.

Poem of the Week: Woman, Thank You

Woman - Thank you.

For bringing life to light

and carrying it within you.

Woman - we thank you.

For your leadership, nurture, wisdom and challenge -

Woman - we thank you.


For walking with us, redirecting our steps,

and teaching us to care for one another.

Woman, we thank you.


For your intellect, your grace and the millions

of ways you empower the world to love...

Woman, we thank you.

Sage, Friend, Strength-giver.

Healer, Leader, Preacher.

Parent, Chef, Dancer.

Creative, Life-giver, Godbearer.


You are impossible to define and life would be impossible without you.

Woman, we thank you.

Tara L. Eastman Copyright 2017

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