Holy Shenanigans

Wild Goose Festival Pt. 1 with Brian Allain

July 26, 2022 Tara Lamont Eastman Episode 99
Holy Shenanigans
Wild Goose Festival Pt. 1 with Brian Allain
Show Notes

Today's podcast comes to you from the Wild Goose Festival in Union Grove, North Carolina. Tara sits down for a conversation with Brian Allain, the creative force behind Writing For Your Life, Publishing in Color, Compassionate Christianity and Heal Our Divides. For Brian's full bio and link tree, go to: https://writingforyourlife.com/brian-allain/

Today's poem: God of Change

God of change, 
Blow a cool breeze my way. Focus my attention on love.

Love that welcomes all.

Love that is diversity.

Change moves me, you, we into God’s dance of love - 

That spins us around, swirls our colors so that the gazing eye sees a picture of diversity - that is BEAUTY.

Changing love, make us a swirling masterpieces.

Make us ONE and you are ONE.

Copyright 2022 T.L. Eastman

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