Holy Shenanigans

Easter: The Women are here for it!

April 12, 2022 Tara Lamont Eastman Episode 84
Holy Shenanigans
Easter: The Women are here for it!
Show Notes

The long awaited season of Easter - one of NEW LIFE is here - Hallelujah … 

And I am here for it! This week Rev. Ruth Hetland of ConseCrate Boxes joins Rev. Tara for a conversation about sharing love and support by way of subscription boxes for women clergy - in Episode 84 of Holy Shenanigans Podcast: The Women are here for it!

Special Guest Rev. Dr. Ruth Hetland is Interim Senior Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota and the founder of ConseCrate Subscription Box, LLC.  She shares life with her husband, Chad, their two teenage sons, two dogs, five cats, one bearded dragon, and one tangerine gecko. She loves to write, drink good coffee, and do yoga.



Instagram: @consecratebox

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